Network Confidentiality Agreement
Payer Fee Schedule Information

Sequent Health Physician Partners and Gwinnett Managed Care, Inc. (GMCI) have entered into Payer Agreements on behalf of physicians participating in the Network. It is important for Network physicians and their respective advisors to be able to review fee schedules to make informed decisions regarding payer selection and participation.

The enclosed fee schedules are provided as a courtesy and for your internal information only. The fee schedule information contained herein is strictly confidential. The Physician or Physicians group, as well as any employees, affiliates or agents receiving this fee information may not directly or indirectly share or provide this information to any other venture, entity or person that is not part of the Physician’s current practice. If you disclose any of this confidential information, your membership in the Network is subject to termination.

These fee schedules do not imply that the procedure listed is a covered service by the Network or the health plan(s) represented.

In order to view Network Payer Fee Schedules, you will need to indicate your willingness to accept the above terms and conditions. Please indicate your agreement by clicking on the button labeled "Accept".